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by Herbots "PIGEON BIDS":

  In this auction we offer 24 very well selected young pigeons from 2018. A boost to your breeding loft and a unique opportunity to acquire 100% pure Janssen Arendonk pigeons. All young pigeons are born out of our "EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION" of ORIGINAL JANSSEN ARENDONK PIGEONS!

  In dieser Auction bieten wir 24 sehr gut selektierte Jungtauben aus 2018 an. Eine Verstärkung für Ihren Zuchtschlag und die einmalige Gelegenheit, 100% reine Janssen Arendonk-Tauben zu erwerben. Alle Jungtauben stammen aus unserer "EXKLUSIVEN KOLLEKTION" von ORIGINAL JANSSEN ARENDONK TAUBEN!


  We are very proud that the "ZUMDIEK JANSSEN PIGEONS" are very popular worldwide. Many success stories reach us.

Fanciers from various countries such as China, Taiwan, South Africa, Kuwait, Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Argentina, ... and so on were able to beat their lofts successfully with "ZUMDIEK-JANSSEN-PIGEONS".

We would like to show you some nice moments of visits:

A group of 19 fanciers from Argentina visited us in March 2018. It was their greatest desire to see a Janssen Colony with such a class. All fanciers were fascinated by the "ZUMDIEK-JANSSEN-PIGEONS" and most were able to strengthen themselves with pure Janssen pigeons from the "ZUMDIEK-JANSSEN-LOFT".

On the left Mr. Marcelo Fernanzdez. Mr. Fernandez contacted us and organized the visit. He had previously bought a "ZUMDIEK-JANSSEN-PIGEONS" at our annual auction at Herbots "Pigeon bids" in Belgium.

Together we could spend a nice day!


On the left the German Champion Uwe Fritz and his son Dominik Fritz from Kevelaer/ Germany. On the right our friend Mari Rietveld from the Netherlands.

Uwe Fritz is a great champion in his association. Every year, accompanied by Mari Rietveld, he visits top lofts in Belgium or Germany. In February 2018 Uwe, his son Dominik and Mari Rietveld visited our house to see our "Janssen Arendonk-Colony".

Uwe Fritz plays very well with pigeons from Mari Rietveld. He wants to cross these in the future with "ZUMDIEK-JANSSEN-PIGEONS".


Mr. Magdy Ghobrial from Egypt visited us in September 2017 to reinforce "ZUMDIEK JANSSEN PIGEONS" and selected 14 pure Janssen Arendonk pigeons for his loft in Cairo. Mr. Magdy´s loft is one of the best  of Cairo and from Egypt!

A real CHAMPION ...Mr. Magdy Ghobrial!


  On 28/10/2017 our friend Mari Rietveld from the Netherlands visited us. Every year he composes all breeding pairs for us. To our great surprise and joy, he brought along a cake; pictured was our Original Janssen-cock "Geschelpte Klamper`09" made of marzipan... delicious, thank´s Mari !

Am 28/10/2017 besuchte uns unser Freund Mari Rietveld aus den Niederlanden. Jedes Jahr stellt er alle Zuchtpaare für uns zusammen. Zu unserer großen Überraschung und Freude brachte er eine Torte mit; abgebildet war unser Original Janssen-Vogel "Geschelpte Klamper`09" aus Marzipan... sehr lecker, Danke Mari !



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